5 ways for small businesses to better compete with the ‘big guys’ As a small business owner it can be intimidating even thinking about how to compete with the big business that leads your industry. Every industry has at least one  giant with more spending power and resources than their competitors. It may seem that this giant company has the upper hand in both the physical and [...] https://ablii.com/5-ways-for-small-businesses-to-better-compete-with-the-big-guys/ Ablii at the Small Business Expo, San Diego https://ablii.com/ablii-at-the-small-business-expo-san-diego/ The hidden costs of checks   Given that the B2B payments industry is valued at around $127 trillion, you’d be surprised to learn that the industry continues to use outdated payment solutions – like checks.   However, some business owners may not know that check payments have several hidden costs associated with them. There is also an inherent lack of [...] https://ablii.com/the-hidden-costs-of-checks/ Ablii- now available in the U.S. and Canada     https://ablii.com/ablii-now-available-in-the-u-s-and-canada/ The cost of a wire transfer We scoured the web and compared the prices of 5 major banks in both Canada and the U.S. to see who offers the best deal, and guess what? No matter the bank, consumers are still stuck spending an arm-and-a-leg for wire transfers. Plus, in most cases, banks also charge the recipient a fee to accept [...] https://ablii.com/the-cost-of-a-wire-transfer/ Hello. We are Ablii. Hello from Ablii! We recently launched a self-service online platform for business payments. We know that business payments for SMB’s is an underserved space by the banks and new products are emerging as a result. So what makes us different? Behind the scenes Ablii is a new product by nanopay Corporation. nanopay was founded in [...] https://ablii.com/hello-we-are-ablii/ What’s cooking with Laurence Cooke: Introducing Ablii for small businesses Welcome to our latest episode of What's Cooking with Laurence Cooke. In this short, Laurence Cooke introduces Ablii for small business and how it can benefit and optimize your business payments.   https://ablii.com/whats-cooking-with-laurence-cooke-introducing-ablii-for-small-businesses/ When adopting new technology, fortune favors the bold Technological innovations are helping businesses in every industry improve their customer experience and gain an edge over the competition. Adopting new technology is no longer a choice for most business owners, as being an early adopter can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. So why are so many small businesses slow to adopt new [...] https://ablii.com/when-adopting-new-technology-fortune-favors-the-bold/ 4 tips to help small business owners reduce stress this tax season It’s official, we have entered the most stressful season of the year…TAX SEASON. Just the thought of tackling all that paperwork can make a person lose sleep, and nobody feels that burden more than a small business owner. Fear not– we spoke to an accounting expert on behalf of Ablii customers to ask for actionable tips to [...] https://ablii.com/4-tips-to-help-small-business-owners-reduce-stress-this-tax-season/ Valentine’s Day is Christmas for fraudsters, but they don’t take days off Making our loved ones feel special is an important gesture, particularly on Valentine’s Day. A fancy dinner or a day at the spa are wonderful ideas, and of course, more roses are purchased on February 14th than any other day. But be careful — Valentine’s day can be considered Christmas for fraudsters. According to the [...] https://ablii.com/valentines-day-is-christmas-for-fraudsters-but-they-dont-take-days-off/