Payments from Canada to India are live!

Toronto, ON – Ablii, a self-service online payments platform for businesses, is proud to announce that it’s expanding with remittances to India. Now businesses in Canada can send cross-border payments to India as well as the U.S., in addition to domestic payments.

nanopay Corporation launched Ablii in the summer of 2019 to replace traditional payment methods, such as checks and wires. While banks offer some services for large corporations, there are limited affordable payment options for smaller businesses. Ablii aims to fill this void in the market and offer features that businesses are looking for, such as low-cost payments, automated updates to online accounting software, and management controls.

With the recent expansion, businesses in Canada can now make cross-border payments to both the U.S. and India for only $5.00 per transaction, making it one of the most affordable options on the market. Competitive exchange rates, plus no sign up or monthly fees, lets business owners try the service risk-free.

“In Canada, we continue to see many businesses using checks and wires. Despite many of the bank’s functions moving online, the majority of international payments are done in the branch. We want to give business owners back their time and their freedom from in-person payments, and now we can for payments to both India and the U.S.” said Simon Keogh, Chief Product Officer of nanopay Corporation.

According to a study by Payments Canada, “more than 80% of small businesses want more payment options.” It’s time to give the businesses what they want. Business owners can sign up today at, and follow news impacting small-to-medium sized businesses on Ablii’s LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

“The world is changing and globalization is the norm. All businesses, not just large corporations, have to access the global marketplace in order to compete. It’s clear the need for secure, ubiquitous, and low-cost payments are common around the globe. This is why we are so excited to offer business payments to India,” said Laurence Cooke, Founder and CEO of nanopay Corporation. “With Ablii, it’s never been easier for business owners to pay vendors, contractors, or suppliers in India.”

Ablii looks to soon expand into other international markets, as we continue to offer more affordable alternatives for international payments.

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