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Request Payment by Business Payments by Ablii

Request Payment

Whether you’re requesting or

accepting, it’s never been easier

for your business to get paid.

Get paid in 4 simple steps. All you need is their email address.

Request Payment 1 - Business Payments by Ablii

Import or attach an invoice

Request Payment 2 - Business Payments by Ablii

Select a contact to request payment from

Request Payment 3 - Business Payments by Ablii

Choose an account where the money will go

Request Payment 4 - Business Payments by Ablii

Track your money until it’s deposited in your account

Automate your accounting

Ablii imports invoices from your accounting software, and lets your vendors pay directly from their bank account. Then, ablii automatically updates your accounting records to mark your invoice as paid.

Track your receivables

With Ablii’s email notifications, you will know exactly when your vendor has sent you money. Then, you will be able to track the payment status in real-time like you track your deliveries.

Get your money faster

Ablii makes it easy for your vendors to sign up and accept your request. Money moves directly from bank account to bank account, so you’ll never hear ‘the check’s in the mail’ again.
Request payment - Save money

Invite other businesses

If you receive an email invitation from one of your business customers, they want you to try Ablii. Simply sign up using the link in the email and you’ll also get the same great benefits of low-cost payments, streamlined workflows and payment tracking. Join the Ablii family today!